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Breakdancing with Leashables®
Geiger trusts Leashables not only to provide them with the best quality lip balm but also to support them in Break Dance Battles!

Leashables® Clearing House
Enter your order online to receive your 3% discount! Not once, not twice, but every time! Visit our website to watch an online tutorial on how to easily place your order online and save!

Sanitizer fun at the creek!
Playing in the creek is fun, but don't forget your Leashables hand sanitizer!

Leashables®; an FDA audited facility
Leashables stands out from the rest by producing quality products that are manufactured in their own FDA audited facility!

Meet the Parents - Don't Spread the Germs!
Don't let germs feel extra welcome, protect yourself and those around you with tested, proven and guaranteed hand sanitizer by Leashables

Extreme Sanitizer - You don't have to Hurt Yourself!
You don't have to hurt youself to keep your hands clean! Use Leashables hand sanitizer and save your sick days for something fun!

Leashables® Factory Tour
Take a tour of Leashables by OraLabs in Parker, Colorado and see step-by-step how your lip balm is manufactured from start to finish.

Online Ordering Tutorial
Hey everyone, we've released our new online-ordering tutorial video! Watch and see how easy it is to place your order online and save 3%

Wild Wild Leashables!
There is a sunscreen showdown fixin' today at noon! Who will win: Daisy Krystal with her Leashables sunscreen on a carabiner or Mad-Dog Danny with 'the other brand' in a fanny pack!

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