Production time on leashes is currently 10 business days from art approval.

The Story Behind the Leashables® Brand


Leashables® business started as a direct result of filling a need by two brothers making a living as ski instructors. The brothers kept losing their lip balm, an important item to have when you are outside in extreme weather. If they could only find a way to leash it, they thought. They sewed neoprene and attached a clip to it so it can securely fasten to a key chain, zipper pull, and backpack, anywhere that is quick and easy to access. Realizing that lots of other products also needed leashes
Along comes OraLabs®, a leader in retail private label manufacturing for personal care products. OraLabs® is the business behind the Leashables® business. Combining creative, energetic, fun and slightly kooky folks with OraLabs® solid infrastructure, organizational integrity and technology was a no-brainer.

Home Run.

Where there is a need, there is a way; and as a result, a brand was born along with an entire line of personal and health care products. The retail side of the story is actually much longer but that’s a whole other chapter. Today, the company is known as Leashables® by OraLabs®. The name signifies a strong and committed supplier. When combined with our important distributor partnerships, it doesn’t get any better.

Leashables® by OraLabs® is a success story that everyone loves to hear about and can’t wait to see what happens next!

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