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Why Choose Promotional Hand Sanitizer?

Sanell® custom hand sanitizer by Leashables is a great way to promote wellness and your company in one powerful message. Sanell® hand sanitizer is tested and proven to be 99.99% effective at killing germs. The formula contains vitamin E and moisturizers to help keep your hands feeling clean and moist without reducing its effectiveness to kill germs. This promotional hand sanitizer is available in several sizes: 0.5 oz, 1.0 oz. and 2.0 oz. Our promotional hand sanitizer is also available on a custom neoprene leash to help maximize your brand exposure and allow your customers to take hand sanitizer with them wherever they go.

Hand Sanitizer: The Promotional Revolution!

Hand sanitizer is a fantastic way to promote your business! Its utility, effectiveness, and convenience make it the ideal promotional product. This is a product that your customers are likely to use over and over; which means maximum brand exposure. It's effectiveness in killing germs is extraordinary; Sanell® brand alcohol based handsanitizer by Leashables is tested and proven to kill 99.99% of germs! Consumers have changed their cleansing habits to include alcohol based hand sanitizer. The appeal of sanitized hands with no soap, no water and no towels has caught on with the American consumer. Sanell® gives you clean hands in an instant, where ever you go!

Custom Hand Sanitizer Send the Right Message!

By using hand sanitizer as a promotional product for your company, you are sending your customers the message of caring. Sanell® brand hand sanitizer promotes wellness by killing 99.99% of germs, helping to reduce sickness from spreading germs. Your customer's trust is increased because a credible consumer product is being offered to help take care of their needs. Sanell® brand is a trusted at retail stores and Leashables is a trusted source for promotional hand sanitizer. Every batch is tested for qualitative and quantitative properties so you never have to worry about what's in the bottle! Let Leashables help you send the right powerful message to your customers.
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