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Ten Unusual Uses for Lip Balm

As it turns out,  all of the uses for lip balm may not be so obvious. Check-out what we discovered with a little bit of research and a lot of know-how about lip balm.

1) Moisturize Knees & Elbows

Knees and elbows can have the roughest and driest skin on the entire human body. Soften them with an intense moisturizing treatment of lip balm.

2) Make Up Make-up

Ladies-use lip balm as a base with your favorite powered eye shadow or make-up and make a cream-shadow or even foundation.

3) Stop the Bleeding from Minor Cuts

Guys-next time you cut yourself shaving, ditch the embarrassing toilet paper piece on you neck or face for a clear coat of lip balm instead. Your pride will thank you later!

4) Sooth Rashes

Use lip balm to help soothe dry skin and rashes. With it’s high aloe and vitamin E content, it will sooth and repair your achy skin.

5) Tame Wild Hairs

Have some stubborn fly-aways, brow, or mustache hairs? Lip balm is wax-based and will help tame your wild mane.

6) Lubricate Zippers

The next time your zipper gets stuck, try rubbing some lip balm on it and the natural oils will help lubricate your zipper to run more smoothly.

7) Shine Your Shoes

If your shoes are looking a little dull, but you don’t have the time or the money to go get a shoe shine, rub some lip balm on your shoes and buff them with a dry washcloth.

8) Protect your Entire Face

Whether it’s from windburn or hair dye, rub some lip balm on your face for a solid barrier between your face and whatever you want to protect your face from.

9) Keep Your Shoes Tied

Coat the part of the shoelaces that you loop with lip balm to keep them from coming undone.

10) Repair a Scratched CD

Spread a thin layer of lip balm over a scratch on your CD and it will stop it from skipping.

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One Response to “Ten Unusual Uses for Lip Balm”

  1. Georgie says:

    I’ve definately used lip balm for some of these things, especially for my skin. I have sensitive skin and even sensitive skin lotion can burn my face. I had to use a retenoid for acne which killed my face and made it raw. My face was on fire with everything I put on, even natural remedies. Nothing worked until I decided to use my lip balm. It looked and felt a bit slimey, but looked better than dry, peeling, and raw. Within an hour the redness started to go down and my skin wasn’t screaming at me. I used it again at night and my skin made a huge improvement. I suppose I could use petroleum jelly, but lip balm often has additional ingreditents in it like aloe vera and moisturizers or medication; also, it was on hand for immediate use. before this i used lip balm on my nose all of the time when my nose would get raw from a cold.