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Wanna know how a lip balm can impact 25,000 people?

Take a look at this quick case study on how one little lip balm met so many needs all at once.

End Buyer:

TD Bank North


Lip balm


Piggy Bank Kids Program, giveaways at Grand Openings, giveaway when opening a new account, giveaway at sponsored events


To reach as many people as possible with the TD North name/logo during an expansion period.


With an order for 25,000 lip balm, Leashables secured a new account. The end user, TD Bank had a record number of new accounts opened, and as a result have had repeat orders over the last 5 years with quantities no less than 100k pieces per order bi-annually.

Now how can we help you secure an account like that? Contact Us today to find out.

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According to Global Advertising Specialties’ 2010 Impressions Study, the answer is yes, promotional products are the most cost effective way to advertise. This survey interviewed 406 participants from New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, London, Sydney, Toronto and Montreal metro areas about promotional products they had received on behalf of Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI).

Some interesting findings:

-The average cost per impression of a promotional product is at $0.005

-41% in the US said their opinion of the advertiser on a promotional product was more favorable

-Nearly two-thirds of respondents said if they received a promotional product that they did not want to keep, they passed it-on to someone else.

Visit theLeashables website to purchase some of the best quality promotional products available. To find-out more about the survey, go to the article on the ASI website

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Stay Healthy with Hand Sanitizer

Wash your hands often with soap and water. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

This will not only help the individual, but the CDC describes maintaining clean hands as a way to have a healthier family, working environment, and community as well. It is important that the hand sanitizer is alcohol-based and potent enough to kill harmful bacteria.

Check-out other suggestions for making 2011 a healthy year by visiting the CDC’s page and always have Sanell® hand sanitizer on standby!

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The answer is yes, of course-but how much? According to the Wall Street Journal, multinational companies have halted some operations in Egypt due to the revolt today and Egypt’s ports are closed; but the Suez Canal (a critical trade link between Europe & Asia) is still open to shipping traffic. If this canal were to close, it would have a greater effect on the international trade market, as ships would have to travel around the African peninsula.

As an international distributor of lip balm and other personal care products, our parent company, OraLabs, Inc., has customers all around the world, so we are very much aware of international news and how it affects American businesses. We sell lip balm, and breath care to over 50 countries worldwide and our international sales rep, Daniel Casini, says, “We have not heard back from one of our customers in Egypt. I don’t know if he has had to flee the country or if he has just had to halt business for a little while.”

When asked about how the conflict could affect US business with Egypt in the long term, Casini said “A change of government or ministry is not likely to affect our business with Egypt, unless a radical religious group comes into power, which in turn could affect business opportunities for US companies: much like what has happened in Iraq.”

Section for conditions and cause more frequent and, full report and one two. Vary studies show more fatal types of symptoms but should only.

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The “Artisan” Close


In the ‘Artisan Close’, the sales person emphasizes the art, skill and ability that has gone into the creation of the product or service that is being sold.


This Kitchen Mixer has been designed by skilled engineers and designers who have literally thousands of hours of study behind them.

It may seem like a simple adjustment, but it took three years of training to know how to make the right adjustment.

How it works

When we are going to buy something, we evaluate it in terms of the work that went into it. If we think it was easy to make, then we value it less. Often we do not realize the effort and skill required to produce something and hence think it is worth very little.

Selling with the Artisan Close adds perceived value simply by describing the skill of those who made the item and the time spent in producing it.

There is a similar and slightly different effect in service, where the perceived value can be enhanced by explaining the training and skill of those who will be delivering the service.


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A Huge Deal

Leashables by OraLabs is offering a 3 percent discount to all of their customers on all of their online orders. This is a huge incentive for their customers to utilize their user friendly online ordering system on their website, Leashables Web Developer, Danny Chrastil, says “We want to encourage our customers to order online and see just how easy and simple it is.”

To help their customers get their 3 percent discount, they have launched an online tutorial on how to order. This tutorial takes its viewers step-by step through the process with a recording of someone placing an actual order online. They will also be holding several webinars in the beginning of October for a live demonstration and question and answer segment.

Courtney Jordan, Leashables Marketing, stated, “The promotional products industry is becoming more advanced in technology. This is our way of helping our customers keep up and save them some money along the way.” To see how you can save 3 percent on your order with Leashables, visit their website at

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The “Give-Take” Close

One of the most important stages of selling is closing the deal, which is the actions taken by the sales person to gain agreement to the sale. There are many closing techniques in sales, which are prescribed actions that sales people take to persuade the customer to make the necessary commitment.


Offer them something attractive, then retract the offer, taking it away.

Then make them work to get it back. You might find they’re desperate enough to pay full price.


Here’s what you were looking for. Oh, hang on, it’s already been reserved for someone else. … Well, if you want to pay cash now, maybe I could order a replacement in time for the other customer.

Ladies and gentlemen, would you pay 20 for this potato peeler? Of course you would and many have, but I’m not going to let you have it. Not yet. Now I’m going to add this utility knife and this apple corer, both worth 15 each and only ask 25 for the whole lot. Now I’ve only a few left, who’s going to take them? Thank you madam! Yes sir, one’s for you…

How it works

When a person sees something desirable, they start to psychologically close on it. Even paying attention creates a weak sense of ownership. When you take the product away, you affect the person’s need for a sense of control with the result that they will likely fight back, figuratively trying to take back what is ‘theirs’.

The scarcity principle says that people want what is scarce, and the more scarce it is, the more they want it.


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The “Affordable” Close


Close out any objections they have about price by making sure they can afford it.

Find how much they can afford. Then show that you have a finance plan that fits their capability to pay.

Bring in other factors to reframe the real price, such as lifetime costs.

Show the price of not buying – for example the cost of continued ownership of the current car.

Strip down what is being sold to the bare minimum. Remove all the options (and maybe sell them as separate items).

Sell them something else they can afford.

Last option: bring your price down to what they are prepared to pay.

And always remember the caveat: do not close people into debt they will not be able to repay.


How much per month can you afford…yes, we can make a deal for that…

The initial costs seems high, but by the end of the year you will have recouped the costs.

The basic model will fit into your price range.

The maintenance costs on this are very low.

The cost per page of this printer is the lowest in class.

If we can bring the price down to what you say, will you buy today?

How it works

The Affordable Close works by structuring the finance of the deal to fit into the other person’s ability to pay.

‘I can’t afford it’ is often more of an excuse than a real objection. If they really do not want to buy, you will find that they will immediately jump onto another objection.


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The “Companion” Close

One of the nice things about selling promotional products is that many of your customers may be small businesses; that could mean that you end up selling to a “couple” or business partners on a number of occasions. This presents a great closing opportunity: The Companion close. By creating an ally on the other side of the table you double your chances of getting to “Yes” and closing the deal.


Rather than sell directly to the person you are targeting, sell to a person they are with.

This can be a husband, wife, child, friend, grandparent, etc.

Start by being friendly with them (the target person won’t mind this) then gradually increase the selling to them.

Cast them as an authority (particularly as they buy into your idea).

When they are making approving noises or say they would like one, start selling to the real target of the sale.

Rope in the companion as a sales assistant.

If you are lucky, you might make two sales!


Hello young man, that’s a nice hat! Do you like shoes too?…Do you like these?

Good day sir, madam…You seem to like this too, madam…Which shade is best?…

How it works

The Companion Close works because the companion to whom you are selling the idea does not have to make a financial or other commitment and so will be more ready to agree with you.

When the real target of the sale sees that the other person has agreed, they are more likely to also agree, in order to maintain consistency with their thoughts of their companion being intelligent and to maintain harmony in their relationship with them.


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The “Empty-Offer” Close

Have you ever wondered how you could create that need and be ready to fill it for your customers? The “empty-offer” close takes care of that, make the need apparent by illustrating that without your product they are unable to respond to a completely different need.


Make them a very kind offer that they cannot take up.

Offer to do something using a thing you have for sale, and which they might feasibly have but probably do not have.

Then sell them that thing. If they do have one, of course you must complete your offer with good grace – it will still help build social capital for you.


Shall I fit your spare wipers? … Oh, you have none. Well fortunately, we have some in stock…

Would you like to come to the race day … Oh of course, you’re busy.

Will you need help setting up the computer? … Oh yes, of course, your IT people will do that.

How it works

Although the Empty-offer Close does not require that you to giving them something, the rules of exchange means that they still feel that they owe you something in return for your generous offer.


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